Detection Times

The following is a table to show you after injecting a compound – or taking a tablet – how long until there will be no trace in your system. This information would be useful for people wanting to avoid a drug test and/or knowledge when they are fully clean of all traces of certain compounds.


Anavar 3 Weeks
Dainabol 5 Weeks
Winstrol 2 Months
Turinabol (Tbol) 11 Months
Anadrol 2 Months
Nolvadex 6 Weeks
Clomid 1 Week
Proviron 5 Weeks


Test Propionate 2 Weeks
Test Enanthate 3 Months
Deca 18 Months
Boldenone 4 Months
Mast Propionate 2 Weeks
Mast Enanthate 3 Months
Sustanon 3 Months
Tren Acetate 4 Months
Tren Enanthate 7 Months
Tri Tren 7 Months
Test 400 3 Months
FASTRIP 300 4 Months