When using anabolic steroids ... one of the most common question asked is "how do I rip up or loose weight"? So we have typed the following section to help in this regard!

Its important to remember:

MUSCLE weighs 7 times more than FAT in terms of density! So don't focus or obsess on your weight scales - thinking you are gaining or loosing fat! To measure FAT you should use a digital machine which you can step on that sends electrical currents around your body to measure resistance. These can be bought online but usually most gyms have a very good machine somewhere you can use.

How do I loose fat during a cycle?

Anabolic steroids (such as Dianabol, Testosterone, Trenbolone or whatever you are taking) make you ANABOLIC - which means your body is in a more ready and susceptible state to build muscle. It wont do it on its own, but with the smallest stimulation (exercise) you will build far more muscle than normal - and faster!

Now for specific WEIGHT LOSS there is no real steroid that can be fully responsible for this ... ANAVAR is an excellent LEAN muscle gainer for example, so you will gain pure muscle with no added water weight. Trenbolone (RIPFAST, TREN ACE, TREN ENANTHATE & TRI TREN) is excellent and can cause weight loss but shouldn't be taken specifically for fat reduction purpose.

So what steroids are best towards getting a lean physique?

The best lean cycle should have steroids that will not make you hold water and add only pure muscle.

We recommend:

So how can I increase fat loss in my cycle?

This is the KEY! The crucial point is you should add Clenbuterol and T3 to your cycle!


T3 tablets will affect your thyroid and speed up your metabolism therefore causing you to loose weight faster - but you must be careful not to use this in a high dose or for too long. The best way to take this is one tablet daily - for two weeks and then take a break for two weeks and repeat. You can cycle T3 this way for your entire cycle if you are using anabolic steroids as above. The idea of taking for two weeks then stopping for two weeks, then again for two weeks etc .. is to both allow your body to recover and thyroid not shut down (and possibly rebound!), but also to avoid building tolerance and having to take more!


Clenbuterol is the key and will reduce fat the best - but beware of its main side effect, which is shaking hands! You should take this also 1 tablet per day for two weeks, then take a two week break and repeat. The same goes as above - take clen for two weeks, then stop for two weeks then again for two weeks etc - to both allow your body to recover and avoid building tolerance! 

The ideal weight loss situation would be if you can incorporate both T3 and Clenbuterol together - taking each alternatively as follows (along side WITH your anabolic cycle - or can be done on its own also!):

Week 1: T3 Tablet x 1 daily, everyday.
Week 2: T3 Tablet x 1 daily, everyday.
Week 3: Clenbuterol Tablet x 1 daily, everyday.
Week 4: Clenbuterol Tablet x 1 daily, everyday.
Week 5: T3 Tablet x 1 daily, everyday.
Week 6: T3 Tablet x 1 daily, everyday.
Week 7: Clenbuterol Tablet x 1 daily, everyday.
Week 8: Clenbuterol Tablet x 1 daily, everyday.
Etc ...

Finally, Human Growth Hormone is the wonder drug for weight loss - especially site specific, so wherever injected you will loose the most fat. Most commonly - it is injected subcutaneously into the belly fat as that is most desirable. The down side of HGH is the high cost and duration you should take it before seeing results - which is often minimum 4-6 months at 2-4iu per day!

Human Growth Hormone can be bought from us HERE and if you need any insulin pins to administer it - we also sell a complete HGH injection pack HERE!