Gyno Support

Gynaecomastia is a common occurrence in steroid users – some are ignorant to it, some prepare for it and manage it well and others sometimes need surgery as a result of negligence.


The average cost of Gynecomastia Surgery to remove excess breast tissue is around £1,500-£2,000, not to mention the scars it will leave behind as well as damaged pectoral tissue which may have permanent shape atrophy.

The cost of using AROMASIN or even Nolvadex while on cycle to prevent the ability for excess estrogen to bind to your receptors in the first place causing Gyno – is a no brainer!

It is often overlooked and we think is one of the most important and paramount things to consider when designing your steroid cycle.

The use of proviron in most cycles is highly recommended as it greatly improves libido / sense of well being as well as being a very mild (do not rely on it alone) anti estrogen.

Aromasin is the bullet proof answer to preventing Gyno having a chance to form in the first place.

Arimidex is the other pharmaceutical compound which should be always be used at a low dose from day one of your cycle to absolutely prevent or hugely decrease the chance of Gyno being able to develop. A 1mg tablet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be a perfect, sensible addition to most cycles.

If you already have Gyno and it is relatively early (recently developed and is around a pea size, since perhaps a few days or weeks) the good news is that it can be reversed using Letrozole, which is available in our Meds section. Please note, taking Letrozole isn't fun and will crash your estrogen and leave you feeling extremely lethargic and crap! But is necessary to reverse the Gyno!