HGH Guide

HGH is one of the greatest elements anyone could add to their cycle - or even just for general well being use. It is the choice of most celebrities either prescribed clinically or bought online such as via our website.

It is extremely expensive however and the benefits are not immediately apparent nor visible unlike for example anabolic steroids. It is therefore not as commonly used. HGH should be integrated into your life for a minimum of 6 months in our opinion to gain the true benefits.

It can maintain, build and repair healthy tissue in the brain, skin, organs and especially muscular growth. Not only can it increase muscle mass, it can create cellular growth unlike any anabolic compound can. Creating fantastic density in the muscle which is long lasting and creating a much better quality muscle. It's fat burning properties are brilliant and well known, can boost metabolism and hugely improves injury recovery time as well as strengthening tendon / muscle tissues which is essential for those bodybuilding or under physical strain/sport.

It is important first that you buy the CORRECT growth, and we only sell what we have seen to deliver PROOVEN results, otherwise we would move to other brands. We also choose the most cost effective brands we are able to source on the market for you.

Here are some important things to remember regarding HGH. We write the following for any and all customers - whether you are experienced or a novice so you may take on board all the information provided or just a few points, we try to be as helpful as we can here...


Please see our "HGH" section of our website for what we currently have for sale. Anything we advertise will always be in stock and ready for immediate next day delivery for UK customers. HGH does not normally come with water, but we include bacteriostatic water free of charge if you buy from us at no added cost.


Please also see our "NEEDLE PACKS" section of our website - we sell a specific HCG/HGH needle pack which includes the INSULIN needles you will need and alcohol wipes as well as safe needle bin to discard your used pins responsibly!


British Certified Sterile and not cheap Chinese Imports!

  • HGH is very expensive so from the moment it arrives - take care of it!
  • HGH is very delicate and can be degraded if treated incorrectly! You will then be using it, but it may be up to 50% less potent.
  • Never freeze growth, whether it is in powder form or mixed with water.
  • Never allow the growth, whether it is in powder form or mixed to be heated or kept in hot conditions.
  • While in powder form, it is much more robust for storage and able to withstand temperature changes.
  • When water is added and mixed to your HGH powder, try to immediately inject it or keep it in the fridge if using later. Always the fridge and never FREEZE! Also keep it in the CENTRE of the fridge not near the sides as they are susceptible to freezing! You can store your insulin pin with the HGH loaded in the fridge or the vial in the fridge both are fine!
  • When adding the water to the HGH vial - do it slowly and never shake the vial! This will hugely degrade the growth. Instead, fill slowly and rotate gently until fully mixed. This may take 1-2 minutes but be patient!

You can use sterile water to mix your growth powder, to have it ready for subcutaneous injection. Once mixed with sterile water, you must use the growth within 48 hours before bacteria may start to grow and wouldn't be as safe. Bacteriostatic water is the best option to mix with your growth. It is water mixed with a low alcohol content, which when mixed with your growth, can keep it sterile and ready for injection for up to 14 days unlike just sterile water! You may experience a slight sting at the injection site or itchiness after - but this is only due to the alcohol content and is normal. Many find after several jabs - the redness stops as the body is used to the 1% alcohol content of BAC water.


Many like to use 5iu a day indefinitely for overall well being and growth, or specifically 10iu a day for short bursts of time to help repair a specific injury. Some can even use 1-2iu a day just for skin rejuvenation properties etc. Some religiously only take HGH 5 days on and 2 days off, others take it everyday. Some jab half in morning, half in evening - some all in one go. Its important to make a plan, do your research, buy enough in stock and stick to your schedule to achieve your goal with HGH.


HGH is only ever really injected into the stomach or other fatty tissue subcutaneously. It can be done intramuscular also - but most stick with subcutaneously. This means just below the fatty tissue anywhere on your body. It is said that HGH's fat burning properties are most apparent at the site of injection so most people always opt for the stomach. Here is a diagram to show where you should be aiming for:


This is a very common question .. and here we will explain for you in detail. First of all, try to use BAC water where possible as it is the cleanest and most sterile option. Second - IT DOESNT MATTER HOW MUCH WATER YOU USE! As long as the powder is diluted. So let us explain ... here is your insulin pin with the markings.


It may be 0.1ml, 0.2ml etc to 1ml
It may be 10, 20, 30 etc to 100iu

Whatever it is - it doesn't matter. Now get your Hygetropin 10iu vial. The entire contents of that vial is powder form and it is 10iu.

  • If you mix 1ml of water and slowly put it in there, rotate it gently until fully dissolved (NO SHAKING VIAL!!) and then pull back 1ml of water into your same insulin pin - the entire 1ml represents 10iu. So if you jab 0.5ml then that is 5iu!
  • If you mix say 0.4ml of water and slowly put it in the HGH vial, rotate it gently until fully dissolved (NO SHAKING VIAL!) and then pull back 0.4ml that will be 10iu as you have taken all contents. If you take half so 0.2ml then it is half the vial which is 5iu and so on...! So some basic calculation for you to do.

Personally, we think 0.5ml is plenty for the entire 10iu if you are doing a 10iu shot. If you want to do 5iu then you can put in 1ml of water so then you easily remember 0.1ml is 1iu, 0.2ml is 2iu and 0.3ml is 3iu and so on!

So it really doesn't matter or benefit having more or less water - as long as it mixes nicely and you are able to pull it back!

After you have injected using your insulin pin - place the cover back on and place it in the fridge if you wish do the rest another day. If you have some HGH in the vial left over (with bac water mixed) then just put the vial in the fridge for another day.

If you have finished - simply discard the insulin pin in a responsible manner and you are done!

We hope you find this helpful!