New to Steroids

SHOULD I USE STEROIDS??? If you clicked on this page, you may be on the borderline of deciding whether to take the plunge, where to start or if steroids are the answer for you!

The answer ... despite us selling them and wanting to sell them.... is no!! We believe the use of anabolic steroids at all should be with great consideration, research and care for your personal health (both mental & physical!).

The same theory goes for should you cross the road when there isn't a traffic light? No you shouldn't, but most do and most are fine. If you know what you are doing, are careful and can make an educated decision weighing up the pro's and con's - then yes it is safe to cross a road if its empty and there are no cars.

The same applies for steroids - if you are uneducated, walk into it blind, unprepared or use "bro knowledge by what guys say at the gym" then yes you can find yourself in a world full of trouble.

IF you do your research, you have a structure, take WELL BEING and LIVER SUPPORT meds, have GOOD WORKOUT ROUTINES, a good DIET and then use steroids SAFELTY and in low doses, perhaps with ancillary meds to combat side effects, then you can benefit heavily.

Also don't forget if you are injecting, then to INJECT SAFELY - AND BE STERILE!

Unfortunately in today's society, everyone wants to get ahead, be richer, be more successful, have bigger butts/boobs and have muscles/be sculpted like a god. It comes down to knowledge and not effort - this is why some people are millionaires, others are poor - some people are sculpted like gods and others flat/fat or otherwise unhappy with their physical appearance.

I write this article to help you and be honest with you, as I myself was once misled some 20 years ago also before I started to compete professionally and became more profound with the subject.

In todays society, there doesn't seem to be a gym where at least 90% of the members haven't at some point dabbled in something or another - even if its just for a boost or little weight loss. It does seem to have become the norm. This is probably thanks to social media, programs on TV with young people with amazing bodies and the pressure we all feel to match them.

Some people work dam hard - working 18 hour shifts in a day across 3 jobs, come home knackered and are still poor. On the other end of the spectrum you have some people who hardly work 5-10 hours per week in specialist areas and are multi millionaires... sometimes EFFORT does not EQUAL results, knowledge, taking advantage of tools available and good guidance/structure/discipline does.

Unfortunately the exact same goes for body building - working out in the gym is important, your diet is extremely important AND .. steroids can be important too. The combination of the three will see you, your muscles and your development - now working much smarter, not harder. You will be more anabolic, gain more from less working out, repair better and faster, be fuller, stronger, be more motivated/energetic and get to where you want to be in half the time!

We must be honest and say ... the amount of time a human body can put on LEAN muscle in 12 months completely naturally with excellent diet/training/nutrition - can also be done in 2-3 months with the use of anabolic steroids (albeit with side effects and possible detriment to your health - I MUST RESPONSIBLY ADD!).

Be aware - it can be addictive and you should always be aware not to push it and give your body time to rest, recover and complete a good "POST CYCLE THERAPY" & understand its IMPORTANCE!

We sell SET PCT cycles on our website to make it easier for you, to help with your recovery after using any anabolics - which will help restore your body's natural production and help maintain your new muscle. In the image gallery of our pct cycles, you will also see an image of a table detailing exactly how to take the PCT pack you have chosen. Here are links to our: BASIC PCT PACK, MEDIUM PCT PACK, ADVANCED PCT PACK & FERTILITY FOCUS PCT PACK!

I will always say and promote the best introduction to steroids and anabolic use would be ANAVAR 50mg. This is simply because these tablets have the least ability to be detrimental to the liver/kidneys when broken down, will not elevate or reduce test/oestrogen levels, will not bloat you, effect your sex drive negatively, cause acne or mood swings ... almost nothing besides pumps in the gym - they will give you LEAN muscle gains. I say this, as its the most common email and question asked!

Other than that - please remember that using steroids can cause long term health consequences and its always best to focus on the best, sustainable and healthier ways to build muscle and stay generally fit. Once you have hit your peak, if you would still like to take it a step further, then you should seek advice, do your own research and can perhaps use one of our pre designed CYCLE packs for sale.

We have for sale on our site some PRE-designed cycle packs, which also show in the image gallery of each cycle pack a table showing exactly HOW to do them. Here are some links to our: ORAL ONLY CYCLE PACK, BEGINNER CYCLE PACK, INTERMEDIATE CYCLE PACK & SUPERCUT CYCLE PACK for the more advanced!!! These packs are MUCH cheaper than buying the items individually from our website.

Please always remember that good sleep, recovery time, warming up/stretching and liver/general well being medications such as basic vitamins, cod liver oil, milk thistle etc - in my opinion are always vital whether you are using steroids or not. Prevention is always better than cure, so be PRO-ACTIVE and not RE-ACTIVE to problems! DRINK at least 2 Litres of water per day is the most fundamental thing you can do which is often overlooked!

Other than that, I wish you a safe journey and please feel free to browse our website or products on offer! Please remember to have fun, don't do anything to harm yourself, act responsibly, don't be shy to ask questions and be proactive rather than reactive to problems or side effects you may have. Don't dive in at the deep end and drown! Start in the shallow waters and slowly paddle out into the anabolic world to give yourself that advantage - safely, slowly and responsibly.

Any information read on this website, should not be relied upon without your own informed research and advice from a medical professional/doctor/or Performance & Image Enhancing advisor/harm reduction specialist.

You must not be purchasing on behalf of anyone except yourself.

You must not be addicted and/or use any products bought on this website if you do not fully understand the functions and possible side effects of items purchased.

You must be aware of the proper dosaging of products and never exceed recommended levels.

You must understand the laws of your own country and its policy regarding anabolics and related products and agree not to hold the operators of this website responsible for your actions.

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