PCT Guide

PCT is an extremely important part of all steroid cycles and is often overlooked/forgotton about due to lack of funds, time constraints or lazyness! People are often so pleased with their 12-16 week cycle and results they simply come to an end of the steroid cycle and leave it as that... which is a huge mistake! 

The fundamentals of any steroid cycle is to elevate your testosterone to raise your body's anabolic state to create a perfect environment for muscle to be built and faster than natural. 

So you take lets say for example Gentech Testosterone Enanthate at 500-600mg per week, this will raise your normal testosterone levels by as much as 4-7 times causing you to be extremely anabolic and all the things that come with it .. libido, angry, hairy .. and muscles! Now by doing this, your body is much more prone to building muscle - if stimulated! .. so you work out, eat well (protein!!), rest well and you then have a perfect environment for muscle to be built much faster than normal person. 

It is true that using anabolic steroids you can achieve the same muscle mass in 2-3 months that someone naturally can achieve in 12 months so its clear as to why so many do it! However, PCT is the most crutial part of your gains in order to be mentally balanced, hold on to new found muscle gains and remain STABLE! 

If a person is hungry, our mind tells us we are hungry - so we eat. Once our stomachs are full, signals are sent to our brain to let us know we are full to stop the feeling of being hungry. 

When we inject/take steroid tablets - we are articifically increasing our testosterone and anabolic state. Durnig this period of elevation, our body naturally detects high levels of hormone and therefore pauses natural production. This is called testosterone supression, as we are boosting our bodies far beyond normal while ON cycle and the body no longer has a need to produce any. 

Once we finish our cycle - which can be anything from 8, 12, 16 to even 20 weeks or more - it is essential from the last injection or tablet that within 1-2 weeks of that, a good POST CYCLE THERAPY is started. This will boost and cancel the bodys supression of natural production of hormones. Failure to do so will mean your bodys sudden lack of testosterone will cause a dramatic loss of muscle as well as emotional and psycological damage! (depression, loss of libido, appetite, lethargy, mood swings etc). 

Studies have shown that a person is able to regain normal hormonal/fertility levels after 4-12 months upon ceasing the use of anabolic steroids - however during this time you will have had all kind of emotional ups and downs as well as a faster than normal deteriation in muscle! 

By using Anabolic Steriods to get to where you want physique wise - and then the firm immediate use of a SOLID PCT CYCLE will put you back to normal with natural testosterone functioning and the normal regulation of your hormones much faster and better. You will retain far more muscle, regain libido faster and feel normal. 

Even a late PCT is better than no PCT! 

Here on UKROIDS247 we offer various PCT PACKS which can be bought cheaper than buying individually and also a tailored guide as to how to take them exactly, which is in a table form and can be printed or saved to your phone/computers to keep a track! 

So in summary, PCT is essential to....

1) Keep your gains from your completed steroid cycle!

2) Restore/re-ignite natural testosterone production which would have reduced during cycle!

3) Maintain fertility and general well being/libido!