Bac Water (Pharmaceutical)


1 x Pharmaceutical BAC Water

10ml per serving.
Expiry date: 2025

Bac Water is UK Pharmaceutical Grade.

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♦ Chemical Name ♦
Bacteriostatic Water – Pharmaceutical Grade!

♦ About ♦
Used to mix with Human Growth Hormone and/or even HCG to administer subQ injections (stomach fat, etc).

♦ Directions ♦
Normal water, when mixed with Human Growth Hormone or HCG should be used/injected immediately or I starts to degrade / risk of bacteria forming.

“STERILE” water, once mixed should be injected/used within 4-5 days.

This “BAC WATER”, once mixed – can be used up to 25 days if also kept refrigerated also. Can have some irritation on injection site due to small alcohol content but this is necessary! After 2-3 weeks of use, this always stops as body gets used to alcohol content.