Safe Injecting

It is paramount to always use a fresh, sterile needle when preparing for your injection.

Never share or re-use any needles or equipment in ANY circumstances for your own health and safety!


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All injection equipment should be kept in a secure box, at room temperature and out of direct of sunlight/away from moisture (so not in a garage!). It goes without saying that all your equipment, tablets and oils should especially be out of reach of children and in its original packaging!

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Before injecting, your vial and injection site should both be wiped with an alcohol wipe! Specifically it should be a Isophyl Alcohol wipe which is industry standard to maintain highest sterile possible. Always air on the side of caution and its better to be thorough than deal with an infection later!

Wash your hands thoroughly before starting your injection. If not possible - always use an anti bacterial gel as bare minimum!

Begin by having everything you need in-front of you, which would be:
1) Gentech Vial or Vials.
2) Syringe Barrel.
3) Green Needle.
4) Blue Needle.
5) Alcohol Wipes.
6) Tissue.
7) Glass of water incase of a coughing fit!

Open your syringe barrel and also open a fresh green needle to carefully place onto it. Then wipe your GENTECH VIAL with a alcohol wipe, stick the needle in and push as much air INTO the vial as oil you intend to take out. This is to neutralize the pressure inside. So for example push 1ml air into the vial and then extract back out 1ml of your oil.

Take off the green needle and dispose of it responsibly in a needle bin. Replace with a fresh blue needle ready for injecting.

Push the plunger on the syringe to push out any air bubbles until a single drop of oil beads down your needle.

Relax your muscle you will be injecting into, pierce slowly but confidently and then aspirate the needle to check there is no blood (you haven't injected into a blood vessel).

Slowly inject the contents of your syringe into the muscle – take your time and the slower the better (1-2 minutes).

Once complete, take the needle out the muscle and dispose of it safely in a needle bin.

After the injection, try not to engage the muscle too much for a few hours and let it generally relax! Definitely do not do any exercise that engages that muscle either as that will result in unnecessary inflammation and pain the next day!

*NOTE* Some users experience an intense cough during injections – this is because you have either injected partially or wholly into your blood stream by accident. You will be fine – however the cough will be quite intense for 2-5 minutes until fresh blood has circulated back around again into all the fine capillaries in your lungs. Before you feel the coughing begins and it is coming – take the needle out and get yourself a cold glass of water and open a window for some fresh air which helps. To prevent the above – always aspirate your needle before injecting to know if you are deep inside the muscle or a blood vessel.