Steroid/HGH Storage

Here we have a quick guide for you how to store your gear, tablets and even equipment safely. How you store your steroids can play a huge role in how potent and safe it remains, so please pay close attention to the following:


  • All steroid injectable vials must be kept in warm conditions but OUT OF REACH OF SUNLIGHT.
  • The ideal temperature is 16-30 degrees which can be as simple as a bedroom draw or cupboard for example.
  • No steroid vial should EVER be kept in cold conditions or a fridge! If its an injectable oil .. keep it as far away from the fridge as possible! Not only will it cause the oil and gear to crash (visually you will see crystals - which means the steroid has seperated from the carrier oil), but it will be excrutiatingly painful to jab! So dont think about storing them in a car garage or garden shed either!

GENTECH ORALS (tablets):

  • All steroid orals (tablets) should be kept in warm conditions, usually anywhere in the home is adequate (so never garages, garden sheds etc!). They can be kept in cooler conditions if you must - but not for extended periods of time. This is because we do not want the tablets to be exposed to any kind of moisture which can happen from rapid temperature changes.
  • All steroid tablets should also be kept dry - so bathrooms cupboards are not ideal due to the condensation from baths/showers. For a short term period it can be ok, but if you are leaving them there for a number of months then somewhere other than bathrooms is better.


HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, when it is in powder form and hasnt been reconstituted (reconstituted = water added to powder) then it is fine to store again in normal ambient temperatures such as anywhere in the home.

  • It shouldnt be kept in moist areas such as a shower or bathrooms.
  • HCG in powder form, can be kept for years.
  • HCG once mixed with sterile or bacteriostatic water - must be used within 14 days!
  • HCG doesnt have to be kept in the fridge necassarily while it is in powder form, but you can for good practise.
  • ONCE IT HAS BEEN RECONSTITUTED (so both HCG powder and sterile water vials are mixed together) it is IMPERATIVE you then immediately store it in the fridge and use within two weeks. Please see our "HCG GUIDE" for further in depth information on how to use HCG!


  • HGH is very expensive so it is imperative to take care of it immediately, it is the wonder drug and delicate.
  • HGH powder must never be exposed to direct sunlight as that degrades the quality. Therefore always leave it in the BOX and in dark cupboards etc.
  • HGH should only be mixed with bacteriostatic water (which we sell) as it then can last up to 21 days. If sterile water is used then it will only last 2-3 days. Bacteriostatic water has a very small alcohol content to keep it sterile so therefore this can sometimes leave a red itchy mark at the injection spot and "sting slightly".
  • Please see our HGH USE guide for a full tutorial on how to properly use Growth Hormone and get the most out of it.


  • The easiest way to get everything you need for your steroid course, including blue pins, green pins, alcohol swabs, 2.5ml barrels and a safe needle bin is to buy one of our ready made needle packs in our NEEDLE section!
  • The most important thing is you must never re-use any injection equipment.
  • All needles / barrels / syringes etc should be kept in their original plastic packaging until the last moment before use.
  • All injection equipment should be kept in warm, dry areas of your home or work place (not in cars etc).
  • Please only dispose of injection equipment in a responsible manner in a needle bin which is provided in our injection packs we sell. Once full, these can be sealed and then thrown in your household rubbish. This protects all refuse handlers and is respected practice.
  • Alcohol wipes which should be used not only on the vial before extracting your gear, but also wiped on your intended injection site, should always be WET so therefore do not store the alcohol swabs anywhere near a heater or direct heat source!

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