The following information is for people who have never done steroids before and need help with terminology or general structure. This information has not been pulled from any forum / website and has been made custom here by UKROIDS247 for your use.

Here is a list of common “terminology” that people use related to steroids:

WORD Explanation
Propionate Used to describe short esters for example “Testosterone Propionate” which after injected will last 3-5 days. Benefit of fast acting Propionate such as Mast Prop, Test Prop and even Tren Ace (Acetate is also a fast ester) is that you will have much reduced bloat and less side effects.
Enanthate Used to describe long esters for example “Testosterone Enanthate” which after injecting will remain in system 7-12 days. Benefit of long esters are less injections are needed (potentially once per week) and will be cheaper as less oil needed. Downside is any adverse side effects will last longer as chemical will remain in your body for longer.
Gyno Term used in short to describe Gynaecomastia which is when men with elevated estrogen levels begin to grow lumps behind nipples which if left untreated will form breasts!
Post Cycle Meaning medications taken AFTER gear use, i.e. tablets/injections after a 12 week cycle using steroids to put ones self back to normal levels.
SERM Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator. An example of this would be the tablet Nolvadex which could be taken to block gyno (man boobs) and could be taken post cycle to elevate natural testosterone production in your PCT.
ED “Every day” – sometimes you will see it written Anavar “100mg ED” meaning for example Anavar tablets totalling 100mg to be taken every day.
EOD “Every other day” – sometimes you will see this term written as “Testosterone Injections EOD” meaning injections Every Other Day (so Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday etc).
PCT Stands for “Post Cycle Therapy” and is a term used to describe the tablets and/or injections used to restart and support your HPTA (Hypothalamus Pituitary   Testicular Axis) after steroid use – which temporarily shuts off your body’s ability to produce your own testosterone levels due to elevated exogenous testosterone levels from gear use.
AI AI stands for “Aromatase Inhibitor” and is used to describe tablets taken to block the enzyme aromatase from converting certain amounts of testosterone into estrogen. An example of an AI could be Aromasin, Arimidex or Letrozole which could be taken to reduce amount of estrogen in your body which allowing to increase too high would result in bloat and/or increased/decreased sex drive.
Natty Term used to describe someone who is natural.
Cycle Used to describe a period of steroid use over a set time period. An example would be “Anavar & Test Cycle over 12 weeks” which could be Testosterone Enanthate injections of 2ml per week with Anavar 50mg tablets ED (Everyday).
Blast & Cruise Used to describe a person who decides to use a normal steroid cycle for a period of time (say 12 weeks) and rather than beginning post cycle therapy to put their natural testosterone production back in place they just reduce their steroid dose to perhaps 20% and cruise for many weeks/months before then again increasing to higher anabolic levels.
TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a word used to describe men who are unable to produce their own or have lower than normal testosterone levels and inject themselves with low doses to replace normal levels. A dose of 200mg Testosterone Enanthate every 10 days could be described as a TRT dose.
Androgenic Androgenic is a word describe a steroid that produces masculine features such as deepening of voice, hair growth etc.Testosterone and Tren are highly androgenic compounds which can produce male features if taken by ladies in high doses.
Anabolic Anabolic is when your body is in a state of building muscle.
Catabolic When your body is in a state of not being Anabolic and infact eating away at its own muscle. This could happen after a steroid cycle and not completing proper PCT.
DHT Dihydrotestosterone is a metabolite of testosterone. 5% of all testosterone is converted to DHT via the 5AR enzyme which can result in premature male balding if you are susceptible to male pattern baldness.
Intramuscular Used to describe injections directly into muscles such as Delts (Shoulders) or Glutes (Bum). Injectable steroid oils are always injected this way.
Subcutaneous Used to describe injections into fatty tissue such as belly fat which is just under your skin. Diabetics use very small needles to inject insulin this way often into stomach fat. Steroid users may inject HCG into stomach fat as part of advanced PCT.
Front Loading Front loading is a term used to describe a person beginning their cycle, however on the first week only doubling all their doses as a kick start.
Stacking Term used to refer to a steroid user who uses two or more compounds at the same time.

The best way to approach or begin a steroid cycle is to have it carefully pre-planned on a piece of paper. We have designed some ready made STEROID CYCLE PACKS for you on our website along with a table/chart that you can print out and keep track of what needs to be done and when.

A basic cycle would be whatever compound you choose over a set period of time – say 12 weeks. If you plan on doing a Test E cycle, this could be an injection every Monday of 2ml Test Enanthate for 12 weeks. This could be considered a very basic cycle.

Many people like to boost their gains in the beginning by adding another compound (such as Dianabol) for only the first 4/5 weeks.

Some people may like to incorporate other compounds in the middle or even end of their cycle for whatever goals they may have. An example of this would be a Test Enanthate cycle of 2ml every monday for 12 weeks. Dianabol to be taken from week 1-4 at 50mg every day and Anavar to be taken from Week 8-12 near the end of their cycle at 100mg per day. This is a basic cycle incorporating numerous chemicals/compounds later on to achieve a great anabolic gain.

The reason people would “cycle” in this manner is to immediately gain maximum strength and mass in early days – and then to shred body fat to reveal new muscle near the end. Another reason would be to cycle numerous compounds and then slowly taper some compounds down nearer the end to help with recovery during PCT. An example of this would be “Trenbolone Injectable” from week 1-8 of a 12 week cycle Testosterone/Tren/Anavar cycle with it slowly decreasing down in dose from week 5 to 8 to finally nothing in week 9 and only testosterone.